DBC's culture and approach to learning

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Dev Bootcamp offers a cultivating environment for passionate and driven students who are hungry to learn and grow. It started from something small, an experiment, which grew so fast and is still growing.

I want to invest in myself. I choose to do this by learning and this has led me to search for the right environment, program, school, time etc. I choose DBC and so far so good, I started 5 days ago and I have learned a lot.

One of the things about taking the initiative to educate or going to school to learn is that it’s different for everybody. It’s always tricky to come up with a one-size-fits-all structure and I don’t think there is a perfect one. DBC tries their best to help everyone who wants to learn and accomodate to everyones needs. This is great, but you have to be the one who does the work.

I understand the idea behind having the consumer mindset vs taking the initiative to learn mindset where “you get what you put in”. I struggle with this, because I’m in between. I have the consumer and the take initiative mindset. My standpoint is that there should be a happy medium. I’d like to think that the quality of education you get is what you pay for. But it doesn’t work that way. Although I have my fears, my ambition outweighs it, I’m taking a step and trying to find a way to get from point A to B and this is it.