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Personal growth is important to me. Taking in feedback into consideration is one of the things I can do for me to be able to grow. Pair programming can be beneficial or not, it’s really up to me. The most difficult part of pairing for me is myself. I’m in an internal conflict with myself. For the most part, I try to please people, I try to be careful and not talk over them and try to consider their well-being, and because of this, I think it gives the impression that I’m meek or not speaking up or not getting it…it shows in my feedback. It’s tough since I want to be welcoming and understanding to the person I’m pairing with, it’s tough balancing emotions and being logical, it’s tough, but if I want to grow, it’s important for me to just keep in mind that my primary goal of pairing should be to learn. After all, I’m the only person responsible for my well-being and my learning.

I thought that peer pairing in programming was like a blind leading the blind, but I am gonna say that I’m totally wrong to think this. Peer pairing has helped me in a lot of ways. I’m getting better at putting into words what I’m thinking and I get to solve a problem in a different angle. This is growth.

With all that said, where does one draw the line where they consider the feedback or discard it?

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