Git and Github

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What are the benefits of version control?

Version control allows you to organize files. You can keep track of whatever file or project you’re working on and roll back to another version of it whenever you want. It’s useful especially when working with others so they can contribute to the project and not have to worry about overwritting each others’ files.

How does git help you keep track of changes?

Git makes it easier for you to organize without renaming your files with the changes – “catalog_v1”, “catalog_v2”, “catalog_final”, “catalog_final_really”, etc etc. You can update your files just by using the command line interface. Git provides a solution for you to communicate with other people you work with.

When you add a file, git lets you know that it hasn’t been added to the “master branch” etc. It lets you work on the files using another “branch” so you can “merge” it back to the “master” and all other great things.

Why use GitHub to store your code?

I think it’s the best one by far. It’s free, has great user interface, social media network that’s great to use as a communication tool.