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Searchagrahm is a small web app built around Instagram API, you can search an instagrammer and it shows their 10 most recent media.

The look:

Semantic UI made it easier for me to finish this challenge on time. Since designing a web application takes time, I turned to Semantic UI to build something fast and nice looking.


From what I understand, React allows you to be better at writing Javascript, for this challenge, I thought it would be a good learning experience since I’m trying to get better at it. Also, I want to get better at writing modular code, it was an opportunity to do it in this challenge as I learned how to reuse some components.

Instagram API and reqwest:

Getting the data from Instagram API was a bit tricky. First, I used react-refetch, but there was a lot of trouble getting the json because of CORS, also it was not an ajax call, it’s fetch. Through Leo Hsieh’s post, I found reqwest as better option, the key to getting the data had to be jsonp instead of json.


Searchagrahm in sandbox mode which can only search a limited amount of users that are in my instagram developer sandbox, I mostly queried ‘dana’. If you want to be in my sandbox, please let me know.