Stereotype Threat

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It’s when you feel at risk of confirming negative stereotypes about your social identity, may it be your gender, age, race, or sexual orientation etc.

I don’t think I have been in a particular situation where I’ve felt under such threat but someone dear to me has, I’m going to skip the details, but the point is that nobody should be under any circumstance be treated shittyly because they can’t control that they are of a certain race.

Like any other DBC grad, well not yet, I hope to find a job. I know that with all the bootcamps sprouting about, it’s inevitable that there are, if there aren’t already, negative stereotypes about us. I don’t want to be under such threat especially when I’m trying to achieve my goals.

The worst thing to do about the situation is to not do anything about it. I think doing something proactive to reduce the impact of stereotype threat is what we should all strive for.