My Thinking and Learning Style

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Before starting Phase 0 of Dev Bootcamp, one of the requirements is to take a thinking style test. According to the results, I mostly think Concrete Random style with a hint of everything.

While I think it’s interesting to know what my thinking style falls under, I take it as a grain of salt. True as it may be that I find it difficult for me to get into a routine, deal with formal reports, restrictions and limitations and etc, I like to think that it applies to everybody. To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with these kinds of tests. I find it borderline horoscope-ish. But that isn’t the point of this reflection.

My experience in Phase 0 has been great overall. I could use some help having structure and organization to the day by day objectives I need to learn. I need to plan to maximize my learning because I find some days are more productive than others. I think it’s important for me to have grit, a growth mindset, and fun while learning.

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